Building The Ozarks

The Modern Open Praire

  • Building the Ozarks - Intro

    Welcome to Building the Ozarks by Ramsey Building Company. We invite you to join along with us as we walk through the building of the next incredible Ramsey home!

  • Building The Ozarks - Episode 1

    In this episode, Rick chats with Russ Wilder, owner of Russ Wilder Homes in Nixa, Missouri. As the framing contractor for this beautiful home, Russ discusses some of the unique processes and characteristics used to make this Ramsey home a one-of-kind!

  • Building The Ozarks - Episode 2

    Rick meets with Billy Bassak of Meek's Lumber and Hardware to discuss some of the latest innovations in structural lumber. Advantech® flooring, Boise Cascade® floor joists... Everyone should build like this! 

  • Building The Ozarks - Episode 3

    In this episode, Rick meets with Mike Benna, a window a door specialist from Meek's Lumber and Hardware. Custom window trim colors and a unique bi-folding collapsible door are just some of the added touches that make this home a Ramsey!

  • Building the Ozarks - Episode 4

    Rick meets with Troy Davis of Davis Electric in Nixa, Missouri. Troy explains his innovative approach and use of LED lighting saves over $1500 per year in electrical costs!

  • Building the Ozarks - Episode 5

    Underneath the latest Ramsey home, Rick interviews Brandon Adamick, with insulUSA, Ramsey's selected insulation specialists. Adam explains the long-term savings of quality foam insulation and the added benefits of moisture and temperature control.

  • Building the Ozarks - Episode 6

    Rick introduces Jeff Sowder of J Sowder Drywall & Painting. Jeff discusses his company and the skilled employees that are bringing this Ramsey home to life. Unique textures, quality finishing and great teamwork are the keys to a fantastic result!

  • Building The Ozarks - Episode 7

    Meet Shelley Wehner from Cabinet Concepts by Design. Designer of the cabinetry throughout this Ramsey home, Shelley discusses her approach to design and her inspiration that brought these beautiful walnut cabinets to life.

  • Building The Ozarks - Episode 8

    Over the years, you might have seen the amazing stonework present on each Ramsey meet the stone mason behind the look, Brik Huntington of Brik Mountain Holdings. Brik and his team of skilled craftsmen put their talents to work on this Ramsey home, and the results are incredible! 

  • Building The Ozarks - Episode 9

    Nothing completes a home like beautiful textures and colors, and Johnny Smith of Wonder-Faux Finishes is the artist behind this Ramsey home. Johnny and his team were tasked with exterior painting, interior finishes and countless detail varnishes and stains throughout the home. We can't wait to see the finished product!

  • Building the Ozarks - Episode 10

    Rick introduces Tracy James with Harry Cooper Supply in Springfield, Missouri. Tracy brings some special touches to this Ramsey Open Prairie home, making the normally "utilitarian" step of selecting plumbing fixtures a fun and exciting process. You'll see the beautiful and unique fixtures selected for this one-of-a-kind amazing home!

  • Building the Ozarks - Episode 12

    Meet Jason Thompson of JL Thompson Design, the architect and designer of this amazing Ramsey home! Jason incorporates his years of architectural design excellence with the latest in digital technology to bring each home to life. Watch as Jason walks us through this amazing process!